Sunday, December 11, 2011

RACK'd - December 9th Edition

My kids have been weird lately.  Have yours?  I'm not sure if it's Christmas-itis, or if my 10 year old is starting the moody preteens early.  But it's been weird around here.  Honestly, this is where these random acts of kindness really come in handy.  When we are feeling snarky, doing something nice always helps turn it around.

Friday was no exception.  We were all a little tense Friday night waiting for dad to get home from work.  We loaded up in the car to take the dry cleaning and find a RACK to recover us from our attitudes.  I've been saving this RACK for a nice day - it rained for like a whole week here, and this needed a nice, dry day.

We drove up to the main grocery store close to our home and attached candy canes to car doors with a little note.  We got the note from the original RACKer, found on Pinterest.  If you are so inclined, please use for your own family's RACKing.  But know I'm not the author, this lady is.